comfort zone

Self published book, 2022
Material: PVC, paper, metal book binder Laser printing
Dimention: 185×298mm

Taking photographs is somewhat a stressful practice for me even after some years of doing it. As I take most of the photographs outside, the unnecessary yet inevitable tension between me and subjects, sounds, people, all the surroundings in an environment makes me feel uneasy. As a counter to this unstable state of mind, I wondered what could be a “comfort zone“ in my photographic practice. This book has three sections; 1. still-life photos at my home studio. 2. movement of performers in a closed space where only three of us present. 3. images from my archives, paired according to their kinship, incompatible qualities. Those sections represent the comfort zone I found in myself. Freedom from other people’s stares while photographing. Taking as much time as I wish to consider images. I point my camera to whatever I want to, while I feel uncomfortable to be seen while working with cameras.