Solutions, 2021

Inkjet print, pvc cover and tin paper fastener.
Photography and graphic design: Misa Asanuma
Edition of 5

Solutions is a photo compilation of art/arty objects created without intentions by unknown authors/publics. It includes 60 images, 16captions to categorize them. Readers can change the order of images as they wish to narrate the book. These random objects found on streets are funny and uncanny, sometimes eye-openingly genius.

Assorted Dropped Knick-knacks
Randomly Stacked Objects
Meticulously Stacked Objects
Drawn Stretches of Tape
Quick Fixes of Non-issues
Quick-fix of Troubles
Traces of Unprovoked Human Ingenuity
People Doing Pointless Stuff
Indescribable Piles
Objects Forming Intriguing Curves
Bent Semi Firm Semi Soft plastics
Life-hacks, DIY for Better Situation
The Collections: Stored and Forgotten
Images Without a Known Purpose
Minimalistic public decoration