my stomach aches

Self published book, 2022
Material: Papers, threads
Inkjet prints sealed on papers, Japanese binding
Dimention: 148×235mm

After finishing mystudy, it immediately became difficult to be financially stable. I started to take some commercial works for bills and spent less and less time thinking about my artistic practice. I became a little bit cynical about photography, that I could not see a simple joy in emotion and beauty that photographs could show. I visited a city where my friends live for the first time. While we talk and eat and walk and argue, gradually the curiosity came back to me. Photography could be just simple and naive, emotional; it can be purely about the desire to capture something that stirs one’s emotion. The format of the book intends to imply vulnerability of memories that  hovers over such desire; small pictures are simply attached to pages, which somewhat resemble a typical album stored in a shelf that could be unseen for many years.












©︎Misa Asanuma 2023