In Praise of Smallness

Exibition at Lõputu elu galerii, Tallinn. 

“In her installation “In Praise of smallness”, Misa Asanuma exhibits her original ceramics and other findings from daily life. By exhibiting objects in their  pure aesthetic form, rather than in object’s usual cultural or social context, she invites visitors to look at things in a new, humorous and uncanny way.
The exhibition is centered around the topic of “smallness”.  The artist finds this trait particularly interesting – not only because of her sensory obsession, but also from the point of view of her ethnic background (as Japanese, or more largely as Asian). Situating herself in western society has made her realize the gap between the scale of the senses in different environments. Foods, spaces, people’s movements and many other factors are naturally larger here than at her home. While working with ceramics she noticed that it’s much more comfortable to make small-scale objects. With that in mind, she finds smallness to be an interesting part of the identity of her creation, which she happily plays around with  at the exhibition.”

Text for the exhibition written by Laura Elisabeth Konsand