Video and photographs for Artek Japan

Direction and production by Rachel Chie Miller and Misa Asanuma
Field recording by Liis Ring, edited by Misa Asanuma
Cast is Jan Christoffer Rutström

Domus is something I’ve been loving ever since I saw two teenagers studying/chatting/tickling each other at a library in Helsinki while sitting on them. That was a painfully beautiful afternoon.
Yet I never dreamed of getting one myself. Since it has never felt plausible, somehow, to picture myself settling anywhere, owning furniture seemed like an impossible commitment.  How so? Maybe because of my early life, my family moved around often. Maybe because I also have made decisions to relocate myself far from where I was. Or maybe because that’s just how I am, regardless.

The sense of home is never seizable. Aren't we living in a time in which it seems absolutely possible to connect everywhere from anywhere, yet so relentlessly haunted by the concept of place?